Kotlin File Operations

Kotlin File Operations

Basic tutorials on Files

Basic tutorials on directories

  • Kotlin – Create directory
  • Kotlin – Create directory recursively
  • Kotlin – Get all files in the directory
  • Kotlin – Delete directory
  • Kotlin – Copy directory
  • Kotlin – Iterate over directory recursively
  • Kotlin – Check if directory is empty
  • Kotlin – Check if directory exists

Tutorials related to File metadata

  • Kotlin – Get file extension
  • Kotlin – Get file name
  • Kotlin – Get file size
  • Kotlin – Get file modification date
  • Kotlin – Get file creation date
  • Kotlin – Get absolute file path

Text file operations

Tutorials on how to create a file using Kotlin.

Tutorials on how to write content to file.

  • Kotlin – Write string to text file

Tutorials on how to read the content from file.

Tutorials on how to manage file permissions.

  • Kotlin – Get file permissions
  • Kotlin – Check if file is readable
  • Kotlin – Check if file is writable

Tutorials on how to perform string operations with the content in files.

CSV file operations

  • Kotlin – Read CSV file
  • Kotlin – Read CSV file line by line

JSON file operations

  • Kotlin – Read JSON file