Kotlin – Create File

Kotlin – Create File

To create a file in Kotlin, you can utilize the File class from the java.io package. This involves creating a File object with the desired file path and using methods like createNewFile() to create the file on the disk.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a file in Kotlin with a step by step explanation using an example.

Steps to Create a File in Kotlin

Here are the steps to create a new file in Kotlin:

  1. Import the File class from the java.io package.
  2. Specify the file path where you want the new file to be created.
  3. Create a File object using the file path.
  4. Use the createNewFile() method to create a new file. This method returns true if the file is successfully created and false if the file already exists.
  5. Include proper error handling to catch any exceptions that might occur during file creation.

Kotlin Example Program to Create a File

In this example, we shall create a new file named 'newfile.txt' in the specified directory.


import java.io.File

fun main() {
    val filePath = "newfile.txt" // Replace with your file path

    try {
        val file = File(filePath)
        val result = file.createNewFile()

        if (result) {
            println("File created successfully: ${file.absolutePath}")
        } else {
            println("File already exists.")
    } catch (e: Exception) {
        println("An error occurred while creating the file: ${e.message}")


File created successfully: /Users/kotlinandroid/IdeaProjects/KotlinApp/newfile.txt

The output will display the absolute path of the newly created file or notify if the file already exists.


In this Kotlin File Operations tutorial, we have seen how to create a new file using the File class from the java.io package, with a step-by-step guide and an example program.