Kotlin – Delete specific Character in String

Delete specific character in String in Kotlin

To delete all the occurrences of a specific character in a given string in Kotlin, you can use String.replace() function.

Call replace() function on the given String object str, and pass the specified character to be deleted, and an empty string as arguments.

str.replace(charToDelete.toString(), "")

replace() function returns a new string with all the occurrence of specified character replaced with empty string, in the given string.

Note: We have converted the character to string using toString() because replace() function takes only a string as first argument, but not character.


Delete the character ‘p’ from the string

In the following program, we take a string value in str, and delete the character 'p' from the string.

Kotlin Program

fun main() {
    val str = "apple"
    val charToDelete = 'p'
    val resultString = str.replace(charToDelete.toString(), "")