Kotlin Assignment Operators

Kotlin Assignment Operators

Kotlin Assignment Operators are used to assign a value or a computed value to a variable.

In this tutorial, we shall learn about Assignment Operators, their symbols, and how to use them in a Kotlin program.

Table for Assignment Operators

The following table covers Assignment Operators in Kotlin.

Assignment=x=5Assign a value of 5 to x.
Addition Assignment+=x+=5Add a value of 5 to that of in x.
Subtraction Assignment-=x-=5Subtract a value of 5 from that of in x.
Multiplication Assignment*=x*=5Multiply a value of 5 to that of in x.
Division Assignment/=x/=5Divide the value in x with a value of 5.
Modulus Assignment%=x%=5Find remainder in the division of x/5 and assign the remainder to x.

Example Kotlin Program for Assignment Operators

In the following program, we take a variable x, and apply different assignment operators on it with a value of 5.

Kotlin Program

fun main() {
    var x: Int

    // Assignment
    x = 21
    println("x  = $x    Assignment")

    x = 21
    // Addition Assignment
    x += 5
    println("x  = $x   Addition Assignment")

    x = 21
    // Subtraction Assignment
    x -= 5
    println("x  = $x   Subtraction Assignment")

    x = 21
    // Multiplication Assignment
    x *= 5
    println("x  = $x   Multiplication Assignment")

    x = 21
    // Division Assignment
    x /= 5
    println("x  = $x   Division Assignment")

    x = 21
    // Modulus Assignment
    x %= 5
    println("x  = $x   Modulus Assignment")


x  = 21    Assignment
x  = 26   Addition Assignment
x  = 16   Subtraction Assignment
x  = 105   Multiplication Assignment
x  = 4   Division Assignment
x  = 1   Modulus Assignment

Assignment Operators Tutorials

The following tutorials cover each of the Assignment Operators in detail.