Kotlin Modulus Assignment

Kotlin Modulus Assignment Operator

Kotlin Modulus Assignment Operator assigns the left operand with remainder in the division of the left operand by the right operand.


The syntax to use Modulus Assignment operator is

x %= value


  • x is the variable name
  • %= is the symbol used for Modulus Assignment operator
  • value is the value that we would like to divide the variable x with, and assign x with the remainder of the division

The above expression is equivalent to

x = x % value


Assign x with the remainder in the divine of x by 5

In the following program, we take a variable: x with an initial value of 21. Using Modulus Assignment operator, we divide the value in x by 5 and assign the remainder to x.

Kotlin Program

fun main() {
    var x = 21
    x %= 5




x %= 5
x = x  % 5
x = 21 % 5
x = 1