Kotlin Ternary Operator

Kotlin Ternary Operator

Kotlin does not have a traditional ternary operator (like the ? : operator in languages such as Java or C++). Instead, you can use the if expression, which can be used in a similar way.

The following is the syntax to use if-else as Ternary Operator.

if (condition) value1 else value2

If the condition is true, the above expression returns value1, otherwise returns value2.

And you can assign the returned value to a variable as shown.

x = if (condition) value1 else value2

You can also write code for the if block, and else block, as shown in the following syntax.

val result = if (condition) {
    // code to execute if condition is true
} else {
    // code to execute if condition is false

Example 1: Check if number is ‘Even’ or ‘Odd’

In this example, we shall use “if else” expression as Ternary operator, to assign a string value of ‘Even’ if the given number is an even number, of ‘Odd’ if otherwise.

Kotlin Program

fun main() {
    val number = 5
    val result = if (number % 2 == 0) "Even" else "Odd"



You may change the value in number and see the output.