Kotlin Logical Operators

Kotlin Logical Operators

Logical operators are used to perform logic gate operations in programming language.

In this tutorial, you shall learn about different logical operators available in Kotlin programming language, the symbol used for each logical operator, and examples to see how to use these logical operators in Kotlin programs.

Logical Operators Table

The following table covers Logical Operators in Kotlin.

AND&&x&&yReturns true if both x and y are true, else returns false.
OR||x||yReturns true if at least one of x or y is true, else returns false.
NOT!!xReturns true if x is false, or false if x is true.
Logical Operators in Kotlin

Kotlin Program to demonstrate Logical Operators

In the following program, we take boolean values in a, and b; and perform logical operations on these values.

Kotlin Program

fun main() {
    val x = true
    val y = false

    // AND Operation
    val xAndY = x && y
    // OR Operation
    val xOrY = x || y
    // NOT Operation
    val notX = !x

    println("x && y = $xAndY")
    println("x || y = $xOrY")
    println("!x = $notX")


x && y = false
x || y = true
!x = false

Logical Operators Tutorials

The following tutorials cover Logical Operators in detail with syntax and examples.